About us

Belgacem BEN AMMAR
Founder and President of FILODOXIA IT
Cisco Certified
Internetwork Expert CCIE#51261

Our vision

The product of an ESN lies in the technical know-how of its employees, and the quality of our product is directly linked to improving the technical skills of our team. By investing in their development and fostering a culture of continuous learning, we strengthen our expertise, operational efficiency and ability to deliver high-quality technical solutions.

Beyond technical skills and know-how, it’s the human qualities that define our corporate culture and make us an exceptional team. It’s through empathy, collaboration, communication and caring that we create a harmonious working environment conducive to the personal and professional fulfilment of each individual.

Our aim is to make our company a real hotbed of talent, where technical and behavioural skills blend harmoniously with human qualities, creating a powerful, supportive team ready to rise to any challenge.

Our Values


Collaboration is a value that fosters teamwork and synergy between the members of our company. We believe that the best ideas and solutions emerge from the exchange of expertise and cooperation. By encouraging collaboration, we foster new perspectives, creativity and innovation. We believe in the power of collective intelligence and the value of each individual contribution in achieving our common goals.


Communication is an essential value in maintaining effective and harmonious relations within our company. We encourage open, transparent and respectful communication, both internally and externally. We believe in listening actively, sharing information and ideas clearly, and encouraging constructive dialogue. Effective communication strengthens team cohesion, prevents misunderstandings and enables informed decision-making.


Caring is a value that permeates our relationships and actions on a daily basis. We believe in the importance of being caring, respectful and positive in our interactions with others. Caring creates a warm working environment where everyone feels valued and supported. We encourage self-help, recognition of success and mutual encouragement. Caring enables us to build strong and lasting relationships with our colleagues and customers.

Our Team

Our technical team is made up of highly qualified consultants known as “Filodoxians”. They are certified on several leading products such as Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Huawei, Aruba, Checkpoint, Microsoft, Vmware, DELL and AWS. These certifications are highly respected and demonstrate a high level of expertise, including CCNP, CCIE, CISSP, CEH, PMP and ITIL.

These certifications demonstrate our team’s commitment to maintaining a high level of expertise and keeping abreast of the latest technological advances and industry best practice. They ensure that our customers benefit from the skills and knowledge needed to deliver quality technical solutions and meet the most demanding requirements.

We continually strive to remain at the forefront of the industry, keeping abreast of technological developments, participating in training courses and updating our certifications. This enables us to offer our customers innovative, reliable solutions tailored to their specific needs.

We are proud to have certified experts in various fields on our team, enabling us to cover a wide range of network, IT security and project management needs. Thanks to their expertise and certifications, our consultants are able to provide sound advice, design robust architectures, implement effective solutions and resolve complex network and security issues.

The trust our customers place in our team is reinforced by our consultants’ certifications, which testify to their professional competence and commitment to excellence. We remain constantly committed to maintaining and developing our skills so that we can continue to deliver superior solutions to our customers.

Our History

FILODOXIA IT is an ESN that was founded in November 2017 in collaboration with OTBS and as a subsidiary of the One Tech Holding group.

Thanks to our excellent performance, we have managed to establish ourselves with various clients spread across France, including Île-de-France, Cherbourg, Toulouse and Lille.

We have worked on a number of projects in different sectors, including banking, automotive, telecoms operators and energy. These high added-value projects cover areas such as IoT, the cloud, data centres and securing critical data…

In March 2022, following the acquisition of FILODOXIA IT by SICCA Holding, we strengthened our international presence by creating our subsidiary FILODOXIA TUNISIE.

This subsidiary is an IT services centre designed to ensure the availability, performance and security of IT systems, while meeting the needs and demands of internal and external users, whether located in Tunisia or abroad.